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Meet the Team

20170120_140025Idrees  (Y3)- 

Hello my name is Idrees. I am 8 years old and in year 3. My family and I are from Morocco. I like playing on the computer. As a school councillor, I would like to make a safer climbing frame by tightening some of the loose grips. My favourite lesson is maths.



20170120_140118_001Tammy (Y3) –

Hello my name is Tammy. I am 8 years old and I in year3. When I grow up I would like to be a social care worker or a teacher. As a school councillor I would like to make sure pupils don’t use big balls in the playground.



20170120_140059Joe  (Y4) – 

Hello! My name is Joe and I am 9 years old. I am a school councillor for year 4. I am going to turn 10 in October.  My hobby is computer games. As a school councillor by the end of the year I would like to achieve a safer playground surface, more playground equipment and lots of Erasmus Project trips including camping and visiting different countries. I also hope that any students that have difficulty learning in class will be played with in playtime.

20170120_140011Zeren  (Y4)- 

Hello, name is Zeren and I am a school councillor for Year 4. I will be 9 years old in July. My family come from Turkey, Kurdistan and Georgia and I can speak English, Turkish and a bit of Georgian. My interests are art, gardening and drama. To improve my school I would like to either do up or demolish the wooden boat in the corner, fix our climbing frame, improve the old caretaker’s house and make it a teaching space and maybe use part of it as a medical room.


20170120_140042Mohammed (Y5) –

Hello my name is Mouhamed and I am from Africa. I’m 9 years old and my birthday is in January. I’m a school councillor for my class (year 5).  I want to improve the school playground for the kids and improve the safety in the playground. For a better playground I mean equipment to play on such as; roundabouts, swings, and maybe some obstacles to do time challenges against other class mates. I want to improve safety in the playground because in the boat there are loose planks and some are ready to break and children could be hurt.


20170120_140108Savanna (Y5) –

Hello my name is Savanna. I am 10 years old and I am in year 5. I have a kitten called Maya and I love animals. My family and I are from Jamaica, the land of Reggae music. As I am a school councillor I would like to plan camping trips and more overnight trips, in addition to the Erasmus project. The Erasmus project is something that is taking place all over Europe. It sends children to countries such as, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania. 


20170120_140020Mateo (Y6) – 

Hi my name is Mateo. I am in year 6 and I’m 11 years old, my hobby is swimming and playing the ukulele. We would like to fix our playground so  please help us! It’s too dangerous for the little children  and we want them to have a good time at our school and a good playground.



20170120_140050Melike (Y6) –

Hello, my name is Melike. I am 11 years old. My family and I are from Turkey. I was born in London, Whittington Hospital. I am a school councillor for my class (Year 6). My favourite and most successful talent is sketching (art). I’m very thankful for being picked as school councillor. I hope the whole school will be able to count on me. These are some of the things that I would like to ensure whilst being a school councillor:

. For all the children to play safely in the playground

. For the children to be in control of great knowledge

. Everyone to stay happy and positive!

School Council