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At Holmleigh we use a programme called Bug Club Phonics to teach phonics. This is a fun and interactive approach to teaching children to read and write. In addition to their daily phonics session, children in key stage 1 have Daily Supported Reading and daily Literacy lessons.

The programme starts from early phonics activities for Nursery aged children and progresses to Year 2. Children are streamed and are regularly assessed through the stages. Each day the children revise recent sounds, learn a new sound, practice the sounds in words and apply the sounds to reading or writing. Children also learn high frequency words in these sessions.

Beyond the direct teaching of phonic skills, the programme also offers decodable eBooks that children can access at home. The books linked to the phonic stages are filled with appealing illustrations and high quality photographs, covering both fiction and non-fiction.

There is a national Phonics Check for Year 1 in the Summer Term. All children will be assessed on their ability to decode 40 real and pseudo words and the results are made available to the parents.

Children who do not reach the required pass will be required to repeat the Phonics Check in Year 2. These children will receive additional support in small groups in Year 2 and beyond if necessary.

Ongoing support with reading and phonics is provided by the Reading Recovery Trained member of staff.  Support staff are given the specific training for in-class reading and interventions.

Parents and Phonics

There are many resources, programmes and apps which can support your child’s learning at home – and your class teacher can also explain the learning that takes place.

Help with pronunciation and classroom learning –  some parents may find the pronunciation and letter names confusing,  Mr Thorne Does Phonics is a great site with easy to watch videos which will guide you through the expectations.

In the Autumn term there is parent/carers meeting to explain how we teach Phonics and the Year 1 Phonics Check.