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Days 3 & 4

Monday 15th April

Today we went back  to school.  We walked for 20 minutes from our hotel, including a crossing of the valley by the probably longest series of escalators in the world. The Sinisgalli school is in Potenzain the south of Italy. Our 8 children from ‘Team GB’ in the Comenius Project were delivered to the school by their Italian host families, and they were sent straight to class to join in the lessons! We (the teachers) arrived a bit later and were taken on a tour of the primary and middle schools. Very interesting to see the similarities and differences between this school and ours, and realising how well resourced we are in comparison.

Then we were entertained by the school orchestra and choir (Volare!) and enjoyed some poetry by Dante. Then, the lunch, provided across the road in the Institute for Catering, laid on by trainee chefs and waiters, with an excellent jazz band playing live and the Minister for Education looking on.

And what a meal! We are learning that Italian hospitality is all around food, and this was a four course meal with silver service, where the kids eat the same food and get the same portions as the adults!

Very substantial portions too – we were all completely full – even dear Julia who is clearing every plate put in front of her, and Isabella who is becoming a very enthusiastic Italian food expert!

We then walked the medieval streets of Potenza, saw the Art Gallery and the Archeology Museum, before finally sending the kids back to their families and heading off for a pizza!

A tiring but really fun and fascinating day.

Tuesday the 16th of April

Simi, Julia and Isabella reporting . . .

So far we have seen Rome, Potenza and the centre of Potenza.  The teachers went to see the nursery kids. We are going to go and see a lake and we are going to see a monastery –  by the way this is the kids writing not Mr Ward. We are also going to a restaurant for lunch. They give us at least 4 plates of food, Julia finishes every single plate and is still hungry.  Tomorrow they’re going to give us a welcome party and disco and it’s is going to be really fun. Us kids are staying in families; they are all really nice. Julia and Simi are staying with Chiara and her sister. Jean Paul  and Momodou are staying with Luca. Isabella and Alexandra are staying with Giovanna. Diana and Ana are staying with Giada and her two sisters. (They are triplets!)

We are all really happy. It’s really sunny here and warm but Rome is warmer. The school is really nice and big, the primary and secondary are joined together. The kids from the other countries like us because we are the youngest and cutest and we speak the best English!


Writing this on the bus back to Potenza. We have spent the last three hours in Frederick the Second’s castle on top of a mountain, enjoying a multi-media guided tour. Such a beautiful and expansive mountain landscape, very green and pretty, and the weather is gorgeous. Before the castle we had what we can only describe as a gourmet Italian lunch, this time five courses in a beautiful restored farmhouse restaurant. We will post the menu tomorrow it was so amazing, and we think would surely have cost a fortune inLondon! (Here it was 30 Euros each paid for by the Potenza Council.)

Before that we saw the monastery and two volcanic lakes – a very lovely forest landscape again. As for the Holmleigh kids, they are amazing. Singing their songs on the bus, clowning around and keeping everyone entertained and translating for the students from our partner countries. They are being the most attentive and asking the best questions of any of the young people here.  All this and not a single complaint, argument or upset. They are making us feel very happy and proud!