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Days 5 & 6

Wednesday 17th April

Today we went back to school to work a little on the project whilst the children went to class. They worked on the project ‘My Europe’ whilst the teachers put all the work together from the project – this being the last exchange. Then the kids played basketball and Diana did really well! (She kept telling us!!)

The afternoon was a rest for all, and the kids went back to families. Jean Paul and Momodou palyed football with their host ‘brothers’ Fabio and Max, and Jean Paul turned up at the Disco this evening with a lovely black eye for his troubles. But he was fine and smiling as usual!

And then,  the disco, at the school in the gymnasium. Dance demonstrations followed by a free dance that all the kids enjoyed – the teachers went to hide in the computer suite. But we did take with us several slices of the most delicious home-made Pizza Napoletana. This was made by the host parent families, who all week have set before us home made flans, pies, tarts, and cakes of every description. Speaking of Napoletana – tomorrow we go to Naples, or Napoli to give it the proper Italian pronunciation. Can’t wait!!

Thursday 18th April


An early start, as Napoli was a good two hour drive by coach through the mountains and round the Bay of Salerno. And what a drive!  The region is volcanic so the scenery is spectacular,  and the towns and countryside is very attractive. We waited to see the big brother of all volcanoes, and then there it was, Vesuvio. Rising high up above the Bay of Naples, the top was literally blown off by the eruption that buried the Roman city of Pompei. We drove past Pompei but couldn’t stop as it takes a day to go round. Another time maybe!

We got to Naples and were all amazed to see the busy streets with motor scooters buzzing everywhere – hundreds on every street jostling for space. Simi finally woke up to enjoy the hustle and bustle of this amazing city. We visited a few churches in the old city, which we learned was established by the Greeks. Then the Spanish arrived and built amazing churches, then the French took a turn. We also saw a church that was bombed in 1943 by the Americans as part of the Allied invasion of Italy. But mainly we enjoyed the incredible scruffy charm of the city, and the kids went shopping. They leant to haggle for everything, and they managed to get a few bargains!


We had a picnic lunch in a garden near the Bourbon Palace and our kids did a gymnastics demonstration! Little show offs!

Once again they have been the stars of the show – cheerful, happy and entertaining! Go Holmleigh!